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Favorite Summer Things Kids Party

Updated: Apr 17

This week, some of my favorite party businesses and I came together to host an exciting "Favorite Summer Things Party"! Picture sunshine, sweet treats, flamingos, vibrant florals, and colorful balloons. The star of the show was a stunning white double-slide bounce house combo! This inflatable promises to be the centerpiece of joy and entertainment at your upcoming summer gatherings.

Keep reading to discover what Bloom Bakery, Krazy Kookies, Cultivating Culver, Party-Layne, Raye's Flowers, and I have in store for this summer season. Let's collaborate to create a magazine-worthy party that your guests will remember!


Party Layne really knows how to bring the fun with their amazing rentals! They offer everything a party host could dream of. The highlight was definitely the white double-slide bounce house, which kept the kids entertained all afternoon. Additionally, they provided the ideal expandable white table paired with white foldable kids chairs, accommodating 8-18 children comfortably for meals or activities. Another hit was the ball pit filled with pearl, white, clear, orange, and blue paired perfectly with their fringe umbrella and stand to add some shade in the bright sun. This setup is guaranteed to keep the little ones giggling and active throughout the party.

With Party Layne's rental items at your next kids' party, you can be sure that everyone will have a blast and maybe even have a well-deserved nap afterwards!

Their rentals used for this party:

  • White Double-Slide Bounce House

  • Ball Pit with Balls

  • Expandable Kids Table

  • White Kids Chairs

  • Fringe Umbrella with Stand


No party is complete without balloons! For our party, we wrapped the white bounce house with 30 feet of beautiful organic garland, complemented by fun summer-themed mylar balloons and festive purple fringe. This colorful and creative balloon arrangement added a touch of cheer, ensuring that our party was as visually captivating as it was fun-filled. Balloons truly have the magical ability to transform any space, indoor or outdoors, into a festive celebration!

Colors used for this party:

  • Lemonade

  • Retro Lavender

  • Orange

  • Cheeky

  • Caribbean Blue

  • Monet

  • Yellow

  • Lime Green

Our full catalog of balloon installs can be found here.


Krazy Kookies brought the magic of cookies to our summer party with their delightful creations! Their summer-themed cookie set featured an adorable flamingo, colorful popsicles, and a fun DIY coloring cookie that added a creative touch to the festivities. The kids had a blast munching on these delicious treats, which not only looked fantastic but also tasted amazing.

Krazy Kookies' cookies were a hit and added a sweet and memorable element to our party that everyone enjoyed! Order cookies for your summer parties HERE!


Who says you have to compromise on a beautiful and charming table-scape just because you're hosting a kids' party? Did you know we, Cultivating Celebrations, provide disposable table-scapes that are not only practical but also stunningly designed. This option is ideal for children's parties, offering a Pinterest-worthy table setting without the concern of breakable glassware or rentals.

For our Favorite Summer Things Party, our table-scape featured delightful sun dessert plates, fun blue-patterned plates, lime green plaid napkins, vibrant orange cups, and twisty straws. This colorful and child-friendly setup ensured that our table was both visually appealing and perfectly suited for our young guests to enjoy!

Our rentals used for this table-scape:

  • Disco Balls

  • Jump Ropes

  • Sunglasses

  • Flamingos

  • Cake Stands

  • Table Runner

  • Clipboards

  • Crayons

• CAKE •

Bloom Bakery is the ultimate destination for dreamy Pinterest-worthy cakes that bring your vision to life! Just take a look at the stunning and vibrant cake they crafted for our summer-themed party—it was absolutely perfect. When we have a Bloom Bakery creation at our parties we get asked if the cake is really real as the quality and look is unrealistic!

Ordering from Bloom Bakery is a breeze; they make the process simple and seamless. Whenever we provide them with our color palette and inspiration, they never fail to deliver an incredible creation that exceeds our expectations.


In addition to providing exceptional party decor, we are thrilled to offer custom coloring sheets and welcome signs through our sister business, Cultivating Culver. For the Favorite Summer Things Party, we designed fun coloring sheets featuring the party title and some classic summer icons like ice cream, sun, watermelon, beach ball, and kite. These sheets added an interactive and creative element to the celebration while tying in the overall theme.

Moreover, our welcome sign was crafted using the same font and hand-drawn clipart featured on the coloring sheets, ensuring consistent branding and an elevated level of luxury throughout the party. This attention to detail not only made the event cohesive but also added a personalized touch that guests truly appreciated. With our custom designs, every aspect of your party can be tailored to reflect your theme and style flawlessly.


No party is truly complete without the addition of beautiful florals, and Raye's Flowers + Gifts delivered the perfect arrangement for our party! Just like how a salad needs lettuce, a party needs flowers!

Their expertly crafted centerpiece was perfect for our kids' table! The florals they used matched our color palette perfectly, adding a touch of charm to the setting. You can still have elegance and charm for a kids party!

Can you picture yourself hosting this fun kids' party this year? There's always a good reason to celebrate and soak up some sunshine with your favorite little ones! Make sure to get in touch with all the vendors mentioned in this blog post to bring together all the elements for a truly magazine-worthy party. From party rentals and decorations to delicious treats, custom designs, and beautiful florals, these vendors have everything you need to create an unforgettable and joy-filled celebration for your children.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to throw a spectacular party that will be remembered for years to come! Contact these vendors today and start planning your perfect kids' summer bash.

This event was made possible thanks to the time and talent of 6 local businesses within the party/celebration business. If you are local to Central Kentucky we highly encourage you to reach out to the amazing businesses highlighted in this post. (Contact information below.)

Event Coordination & Styling, Balloons, Rentals, Table-Scape, Photographer:

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